Smoky Mountain Bike Week: A Guide for Bikers

Smoky Mountain Park

If you are a biker who loves the outdoors, music, and fun, you should not miss Smoky Mountain Bike Week, an annual bike week in the Smokies. Smoky Mountain Bike Week is a week-long event that takes place in Maryville, TN, from September 30th to October 7th. It is a celebration of the biker culture and lifestyle, as well as a showcase of the scenic and diverse roads of the Smoky Mountains. Here is a guide for bikers who want to join this exciting event.



Smoky Mountain Bike Week is located in Maryville, TN, a small town in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. Maryville is about 20 miles south of Knoxville, TN, and about 35 miles north of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Maryville is a biker-friendly town that offers a variety of attractions, such as historic sites, museums, restaurants, bars, and shops. Maryville is also home to Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson, the main sponsor and host of Smoky Mountain Bike Week.


Some Beautiful Spots:

One of the main attractions of Smoky Mountain Bike Week is the opportunity to ride on some of the most beautiful and diverse roads in the country. The Smoky Mountains offer countless roads with scenic mountain views, verdant forests, and gorgeous streams. You can choose from different routes and distances, depending on your skill level and preference. Some of the most beautiful spots that you can visit during Smoky Mountain Bike Week are:

•  The Tail of the Dragon: A legendary road that has 318 curves in 11 miles. It is one of the most challenging and thrilling roads for bikers, as well as a popular spot for photographers and spectators. The Tail of the Dragon is located on US 129, near the Tennessee-North Carolina border.

•  The Cherohala Skyway: A scenic road that connects Tellico Plains, TN, and Robbinsville, NC. It is 43 miles long and reaches elevations of over 5,000 feet. It offers stunning views of the mountains, valleys, and forests. The Cherohala Skyway is a National Scenic Byway and a National Forest Scenic Byway.

•  The Foothills Parkway: A scenic road that runs along the northern boundary of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It is 72 miles long and has several sections that are open to the public. It offers panoramic views of the park and the surrounding landscape. The Foothills Parkway is a National Parkway and a National Scenic Byway.

•  The Blue Ridge Parkway: A scenic road that runs along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains, from Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina. It is 469 miles long and has many overlooks, tunnels, bridges, and attractions along the way. It offers spectacular views of the mountains, valleys, and wildlife. The Blue Ridge Parkway is a National Parkway and an All-American Road.

Blue Ridge Park
blue ridge park


Ticket and Booking Details:

To join Smoky Mountain Bike Week, you need to buy a ticket or a pass. You can buy them online or at the gate. The prices are as follows:

  • Single Day Ticket: $15
  • Weekend Pass: $25
  • Full Week Pass: $40

The ticket or pass gives you access to all the events and activities of Smoky Mountain Bike Week, such as:

  • Ride Planner: A tool that helps you plan your rides and find the best routes and destinations in the Smokies.
  • Flat Track Races: A series of races that take place at the Smoky Mountain Speedway. You can watch or participate in the races, or enjoy the food and drinks at the concession stand.
  • Downtown Street Party: A party that takes place in downtown Maryville. You can join the bike shows, the audio show, or the live music, or explore the local restaurants and bars.
  • The Shed Smokehouse and Juke Joint: A venue that hosts live music and entertainment at Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson. You can enjoy the performances of local and national artists, or try the food and drinks at the smokehouse.
  • Vendors: A variety of vendors that offer products and services for bikers, such as apparel, accessories, parts, repairs, and more.

You can also book your accommodation online or by phone. There are many options for lodging in and around Maryville, such as hotels, motels, cabins, campgrounds, and more. You can find more information and recommendations on their website.


Smoky Mountain Bike Week is an annual bike week in the Smokies that offers a fun and exciting experience for bikers. It is a chance to ride on some of the most beautiful and diverse roads in the country, as well as to enjoy the music, the food, and the culture of the Smoky Mountains. If you are interested in joining Smoky Mountain Bike Week, you can find more information on their website or their Facebook page. Smoky Mountain Bike Week is waiting for you. Are you ready to ride?

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